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Tackling Fossilflation: A Tool Kit for Price Stability and a Just Transition, 2022


Working Papers

Inflationary Pressures in the Time of Covid-19: MMT as a Theory of Inflation, 2021


Journal Contributions

Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies Volume 15 Issue 3, Guest Editor, 2019


Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice, Volume 25 issue2, Droning Toward the Boundless War, co-authored with Zachary Green, 2013



Huff Post

We Can Pay for a Green New Deal, co-authored with Stephanie Kelton and Greg Carlock, 2018


Business Insider

Public Finance for a Green New Deal, co-authored with Nathan Tankus and Raul Carrillo, 2019



Support Scientists Who Work for the Public Good, 2019 



Change Makers Podcast


Inverse Future 50, USA


La Politica Online, Mexico


El Tiempo, Colombia

Pile Of Books
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